Pig manure organic fertilizer production equipment

The pig manure organic fertilizer production needs equipment such as fermentation turner, organic fertilizer pulverizer, drum sieving machine, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, rotary dryer, packaging machine, conveyor and the like.
1. Compost turning machine, or trough type turning machine: the ground turning machine does not need to build a trough, and directly puts the materials into a pile, and uses a wheel type turning machine to ride the straddle to carry out the pile fermentation.
2. Organic fertilizer pulverizer: The large pieces of impurities and stones in the organic fertilizer that are screened out are separated and pulverized, so that the beauty can ensure the quality of the product.
3. Drum screening machine: The fermented organic fertilizer is sieved, and the large pieces and debris inside are sorted out to facilitate the next crushing and packaging.
4. Horizontal mixer: pre-mixing the sieved and pulverized organic fertilizer can ensure the stability of the product quality, and at the same time play a role in mixing the production of special fertilizers and various compound fertilizers when adding fertilizers and trace elements.
5. Fertilizer granulator: granulate the material.
6. Rotary dryer: Dry and cool the pellets.

pig manure organic fertilizer production line machines

Process introduction of pig manure organic fertilizer production line:
1. Raw material ingredients: Chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung, biogas slag and other animal manure can be fermented or have fertilizer efficiency after treatment.
2. Stirring of raw materials: Stir the prepared raw materials evenly to increase the uniform fertilizer content of the whole fertilizer granules.
3. Raw material granulation: The uniformly stirred raw materials are sent to a granulator for granulation (a drum granulator can also be used, and a disc granulator can also be used).
4. Drying of granules: The granules produced by the granulator are sent to the dryer to dry the moisture contained in the granules, increasing the strength of the granules and facilitating storage.
5. Particle cooling: After drying, the temperature of the fertilizer particles is too high, easy to agglomerate, after cooling, easy to bag storage, and transportation.
6. Granulation classification: The cooled particles are classified, and the unqualified particles are pulverized and regranulated, and the qualified products are sieved out.
7. Finished packaging: Store the granules in a ventilated place.

How much is a set of pig manure organic fertilizer production equipment?
The pig manure organic fertilizer production equipment can be divided into large, medium and small, and a simple set of small pig manure organic fertilizer production equipment can be completed by hundreds of thousands of yuan. Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry can be tailored according to your needs, combined with your actual situation to analyze the budget, you can call us or visit the factory directly to negotiate, and we will give you the most affordable price.

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Material fermentation crawler windrow turner

Crawler windrow turner is a kind of industrial organic fertilizer production machine, which has the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, fast fertilizer production and large output. Crawler type windrow turner is an ideal equipment to use modern technology to transform agricultural waste, stored manure and organic domestic waste into high-quality bio organic fertilizer.

Material fermentation crawler windrow turner
working principle:

The crawler windrow turner is the main organic fertilizer machine in the complete set of equipment for the production of biofertilizer project. It adopts the design of four-wheel walking, which can move forward, backward and turn, and is operated and driven by one person. During driving, the whole vehicle is mounted on the long strip fertilizer machine before being piled up. The rotating knife hung under the machine is used to mix, fluff and move the raw materials of the fertilizer machine. After passing the car, a new strip pile is formed, which can be operated in the open field or in the workshop shed.

A major technological breakthrough of the machine is to integrate the crushing function of the material in the later stage of fermentation. With the gradual dehydration of materials, the knife equipped with crushing device can effectively crush the plates formed in the fermentation process of fertilizer, which not only saves a crusher, but also greatly improves the crushing efficiency, reduces the cost, and fundamentally solves the problem of the restriction of the production capacity crusher.

Main features:
  1. The crawler type windrow turner is the advantage of Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. in adopting a number of mature models of developed and similar finished products.
    It has the features of compact design, simple operation, saving working space and making full use of space.
  2. Adopt advanced transmission technology of construction machinery, so that there is no loss between energy conversion.
  3. The components are connected to each other and can be adjusted separately.
  4. Normal operation and attention to maintenance use the machine is zero fault. It saves a lot of civil engineering, manpower and material resources, and makes the scale of fertilizer more flexible.


About organic fertilizer granulator machine

As the professional organic fertilizer machine manufacturers,we designed for different type fertilizer machines to e equipped and used to produce the fertilizer.

Producing the organic fertilizer granulator using the complete fertilizer production line,in the fertilizer manufacturing process it is equipped with different series fertilizer machines to finish the production process.When producing the granulator,the organic fertilizer granulator machine is the factor equipment to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.So what type are designed and equipped in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process?

For organic fertilizer granulator experience accumulation,made a significant contribution.The advantages of disc type organic fertilizer granulator,drum type organic fertilizer granulator are simple process,convenient operation,less equioment failure and high output.Organic fertilizer granulator includes flat die granulator machine,ring die organic fertilizer granulator machine,roller press granulator machine,disc organic fertilizer granulator machine,rotary drum granulator machine,and so on.almost including all organic fertilizer granulator except tower granulator,covering the common organic fertilizer granulator in the industry.In fact,for crops,organic fertilizer is the best fertilizer.Such fertilizer production manufacturing process is simple,processing cost is low,harmful ingredients are less,crop absorption is fast.However,with the popularization of mechanical fertilizer application,and the disadvantages of fertilizer transportation,people slowly approach organic fertilizer granulation.Therefore,organic fertilizer machine to be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator are designed.The traditional organic fertilizer granulator is disc type organic fertilizer granulator,rotary drum granulator machine,which play an important role in the later stage of organic fertilizer granulator.

fertilizer granulator machine

However,these organic fertilizer granulators have the defects of high moisture content,small particle density,high dust content and uneven particle size during processing.Through these defects,people granulally carry out equipment transformation and renewal.Flat die organic fertilizer granulator has the characteristics of large pressure,simple adjustment of ring die pressing wheel gap.large density of pressed particles,low dust content in working environment,low moisture content of particles,easy drying of finished products,etc,but this kind of flat die granulator machine can only press columnar particles.The new type of organic fertilizer can reflect the advantages of the production of organic fertilizer particles,especially spherical particles.The process of high-speed rotation,forced granulation,firction bonding and polishing is basically used to change the traditional granulation process with large investment,complex process and repeated links,and then spherical organic fertilizer particles are generated.

We are as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only design the organic fertilizer granulator machine,we also designed the compound fertilizer production line and the fertilizer granulator machine which are suitable for being used in the npk,compound fertilizer production line.Like the rotary drum granulator machine,roller press granulator machine which using the extrusion method to produce the compound fertilizer granulator.