Material fermentation crawler windrow turner

Crawler windrow turner is a kind of industrial organic fertilizer production machine, which has the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, fast fertilizer production and large output. Crawler type windrow turner is an ideal equipment to use modern technology to transform agricultural waste, stored manure and organic domestic waste into high-quality bio organic fertilizer.

Material fermentation crawler windrow turner
working principle:

The crawler windrow turner is the main organic fertilizer machine in the complete set of equipment for the production of biofertilizer project. It adopts the design of four-wheel walking, which can move forward, backward and turn, and is operated and driven by one person. During driving, the whole vehicle is mounted on the long strip fertilizer machine before being piled up. The rotating knife hung under the machine is used to mix, fluff and move the raw materials of the fertilizer machine. After passing the car, a new strip pile is formed, which can be operated in the open field or in the workshop shed.

A major technological breakthrough of the machine is to integrate the crushing function of the material in the later stage of fermentation. With the gradual dehydration of materials, the knife equipped with crushing device can effectively crush the plates formed in the fermentation process of fertilizer, which not only saves a crusher, but also greatly improves the crushing efficiency, reduces the cost, and fundamentally solves the problem of the restriction of the production capacity crusher.

Main features:
  1. The crawler type windrow turner is the advantage of Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. in adopting a number of mature models of developed and similar finished products.
    It has the features of compact design, simple operation, saving working space and making full use of space.
  2. Adopt advanced transmission technology of construction machinery, so that there is no loss between energy conversion.
  3. The components are connected to each other and can be adjusted separately.
  4. Normal operation and attention to maintenance use the machine is zero fault. It saves a lot of civil engineering, manpower and material resources, and makes the scale of fertilizer more flexible.