Bio fertilizer production method

The bio fertilizer can be produced by all kinds of methods,and the different raw material are suitable for using different production method.So today,we share the methods of making the bio fertilizer granulator.The biological organic fertilizer production method;bio organic fertilizer is a fertilizer made  decomposed natural organic matter,plant stalks,seed shells,cakes and animals manure,etc,plus soil benefical microbes,and processed in the fertilizer manufacturing process.Bio organic fertilizer can be produced locally,making full use of livestock manure and other organic wastes such as crop straw produced by farming in rural areas.Through a small amount of input,it not only improves fertilizer efficiency,saves time,but also brings many benefits to use and production,and ensures the quality of fertilizer.

bio fertilizer production

1.The biofertilizer production from animal manure.Animal manure contains abundant organic fertilizer and a certain amount of nitrogen.Phosphorus,potassium and other nutrients needed for plant growth are high quality raw materails for bio organic fertilizer manufacturing process.Bio organic fertilizer was produced from livestock manure.The dry,humidity and C/N ratio were adjusted by peat and rice bran.Adding peat and rice bran to poultry and livestock manure,adjusting material humidity to about 50%,eliminating non-fermentable impurities such as chicken feathers,adding functional microorganisms,mixing evenly.The pile is 0.8 meters high,the length depends on the amount of animal manure and the width is 2 meters,so it is suitable for production.After the fermentation using the fermentation compost turner machine,it is dried,crtushed,and then screened out the impurities.The granulator is used for granulation,and the packaging is bio organic fertilizer granulator.
2.Using the organic waste to produce bio organic fertilizer.Organic waste refers to the waste containing substances in urban and rural domestic waste,mainly crop straw,fiber,bamboo,waste paper,kitchen residues,etc.If these organic waste are not disposed of in time,they will become sources of evironmental pollution,such as odor emission,pathogens transmission,water pollution,etc.Therefore,it is necessary to make organic fertilizer as scientific and reasonable as possible to use it,which can not only avoid the adverse consequences caused by its accumulation and decomposition,but also significantly reduce the environmental pollution caused by the large amount of chemical fertilizer application,which this type fertilizer granulator can be produced in the npk fertilizer manufacturing process.
After pretreament of organic waste,crop straw was added to adjust the C/N ratio of organic wastes,and then the moisture content of the waste to be decomposed was adjusted.The compound microbial inoculated with quick decomposing bacteria.The organic wastes were fermented at high temperature.After decomposition,they were dried at medium temperature and granulated with granulator.Then further drying,seving and packaging can be used as bio organic fertilizer.

As the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we designed all types of fertilizer production lines to make the bio organic fertiizer granulator for different raw materail.Besides the bio fertilizer production line is designed,we also designed the organic fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.We can design the fertilizer production line according to the different requirements of different customers.Any questions you want to know,you can leave a message for us and then we would like to supply constructions suggestions for you.